How to grow Snapdragon

Antirrhinum majus

Pinching out the growing tip will encourage branching and more blooms. After plant is hardened off, it will become very tolerant to colder temperatures.

Growing Snapdragon from seed

Do not cover seed as they need light to germinate.

Best temperature for germination : 18-20 C (65-68 F) in sowing medium (very low on salts). Do not cover the seeds, but keep humidity high. lighting for 16 hours (= 8 hours dark)

Try to aim for a seed spacing of at least 5.85 inches (15.0 cm) and sow at a depth of around 0.04 inches (0.1 cm). Soil temperature should be kept higher than 13°C / 55°F to ensure good germination.

By our calculations*, you should look at sowing Snapdragon about 56 days before your last frost date .

Seed Saving Snapdragon

Wait until seed pod dries and shake seed out gently onto paper to dry before storing. Seed is very small, like poppyseeds.

How long does Snapdragon take to grow?

These estimates for how long Snapdragon takes to sprout, grow and harvest are from real observations from real gardeners, right around the world.

Days to Germination How long does it take Snapdragon to germinate?
21 days

Average 21 days | Min 4 days | Max 72 days (32)

Days to Transplant How long until I can plant out Snapdragon?
+ 46 days

Average 46 days | Min 37 days | Max 63 days (2)

Days to Maturity How long until Snapdragon is ready for harvest / bloom?
+ 71 days

Average 71 days | Min 70 days | Max 75 days (3)

Total Growing Days How long does it take to grow Snapdragon?
= 138 days

When should I plant Snapdragon?

Our when to plant Snapdragon estimates are relative to your last frost date.

When to sow The number of days to sow Snapdragon before or after your last frost date.
56 days before Last Frost Date
When to plant out The number of days to plant out Snapdragon before or after your last frost date.
14 days after Last Frost Date

Snapdragon Etymology

The common name “snapdragon”, originates from the flowers reaction to having their throats squeezed, which causes the “mouth” of the flower to snap open.

Other names for Snapdragon

Leeuwebekje, Leeubekkie (Afrikaans)

Antirrhinum majus L.

Misspellings: Anthirrhinum, Snap Dragon


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