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Bigleaf hydrangea 'Hortensia'   

Hydrangea macrophylla

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Hortensia is a variety of Bigleaf hydrangea which is a member of the Hydrangea family. Its botanical name is Hydrangea macrophylla 'Hortensia'.

Hydrangea, Hortensia

Hydrangeas are large, dark-green leaf plants that grow in the form of shrubs and produce large heads of blue or pink flowers in summer and autumn. They are widely used as ornamental plants in many parts of the world in climates ranging from hardiness zones 6 to 9. The inflorescence of hydrangea macrophylla is a cluster of flowers at the end of the stem.

It grows mainly as a Perennial, which means it typically grows best over a long period (from 3 years+). Hortensia has a shrub-like growing habit. This variety tends to bloom in early spring.

Hortensia Bigleaf hydrangea tends to need a moderate amount of maintenance, so ensuring that you are aware of the soil, sun, ph and water requirements for this plant is quite important to ensure you have a happy and healthy plant.

This variety plant info is provided by the myfolia gardener's wiki. All details about Hortensia have been kindly provided by our members.

How to grow Hortensia

  • Partial Sun

  • High

Prune immediately after blooming and not before as this will affect next years blooms. Remove only dead stems in the spring. Mulch with bark, straw, leaves or pine needles in the fall. If possible, make a cage out of chicken wire or snow fencing and loosely cover the entire plant with leaves. The use of maple leaves is not recommended.1

Try to plant in a location that enjoys partial sun and remember to water often. Hortensia is generally regarded as a half hardy plant, so it will require protection in frosts and low temperatures. The USDA Hardiness Zones typically associated with Hortensia are Zone 3 and Zone 9.

Growing Hortensia from seed

Transplanting Hortensia

Hortensia is half hardy, so ensure you wait until all danger of frost has passed in your area before considering planting outside.

Harvesting Hortensia

Bigleaf hydrangea Hortensia Etymology

The term macrophylla means large or long-leave.