How to grow Moss Rose

Portulaca grandiflora

Very hardy in full sun, don’t need a lot of watering to survive. Can be grown from stem cuttings of mature plants.

This plant will reseed as the seeds are very small and the wind will disperse them.

Growing Moss rose from seed

Direct sow outdoors in fall if you live in zone 5 or above. If you live in zone 4 or under, seed indoors before the last frost.
Pot up individually, as soon as the seedlings are large enough to handle and grow on under protection

Cover seeds very lightly as they are tiny. Maintain the soil moist with bottom watering.

Soil temperature should be kept higher than 12°C / 54°F to ensure good germination.

By our calculations*, you should look at sowing Moss rose about 49 days before your last frost date .

Transplanting Moss rose

Grows in mass clumps and it is really only easy to transplant individual plants when they are tiny. They will reseed and spread on their own.

Can be transplanted from nursery-grown stock.

Peat pots are great because they will be easier to transplant to the place where they are to stay. They have the ability to self sow in the garden.

Plant out as soon as all danger of frost has past, into a sunny spot that has well drained soil. Add some grit if the drainage is not sharp enough.

Ensure that temperatures are mild (minimum night temperatures should be around 12°C / 54°F) and all chance of frost has passed before planting out, as Moss rose is a tender plant.

Seed Saving Moss rose

Portulaca has a seed container similar to the petunia. Allow flowers to dry on the plant and collect the ‘tiny cream colored and cone shaped seed pod’ carefully. Put them in a bag as you collect them one by one. Keeping them in the bag squeeze the ‘tiny pods’ gently and the seeds will emerge. After separating the debris from the seeds, allow to air dry before storing them in a labeled paper bag.

How long does Moss rose take to grow?

These estimates for how long Moss rose takes to sprout, grow and harvest are from real observations from real gardeners, right around the world.

Days to Germination How long does it take Moss rose to germinate?
4 days

Average 4 days | Min 2 days | Max 43 days (8)

Days to Transplant How long until I can plant out Moss rose?
+ 35 days

Average 35 days | Min days | Max days (0)

Days to Maturity How long until Moss rose is ready for harvest / bloom?
+ 30 days

Average 30 days | Min 16 days | Max 241 days (2)

Total Growing Days How long does it take to grow Moss rose?
= 69 days

When should I plant Moss rose?

Our when to plant Moss rose estimates are relative to your last frost date.

When to sow The number of days to sow Moss rose before or after your last frost date.
49 days before Last Frost Date

Other names for Moss rose

Portulaca, purslane

Portulaca pilosa subsp. grandiflora

Misspellings: portucula



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