Tomato 'Black From Tula'

Solanum lycopersicum

How to grow Tomato 'Black From Tula'

  • Full Sun

  • Medium

Be on the look out for tomato worms. Handpicking is the best way to combat the tomato hornworm.

Plant in a location that enjoys full sun and remember to water moderately. Keep in mind when planting that Black From Tula is thought of as tender, so remember to wait until your soil is warm and the night time temperature is well above freezing before moving outside. Ideally plant in loamy soil and try to keep the ph of your soil between the range of 5.0 and 6.0 as Black From Tula likes to be in moderately acidic soil to weakly acidic soil.

Growing Black From Tula from seed

Start seeds indoors six weeks before last frost date.

Sow 0.78 inches (2.0 cm) deep with a guideline distance of 2.60 feet (80.0 cm). Soil temperature should be kept higher than 12°C / 54°F to ensure good germination.

By our calculations, you should look at sowing Black From Tula about 42 days before your last frost date.

Transplanting Black From Tula

Transplant out when around 15cm (6 inches) high.

Plant to first set of leaves to promote strong roots.

Ensure that temperatures are mild and all chance of frost has passed before planting out, as Black From Tula is a tender plant.

Harvesting Black From Tula

This tomato is ready for harvest when it starts turning from green to a deep red-brown color.

This variety tends to be ready for harvesting by mid summer.

Black From Tula folklore & trivia

An heirloom from Tula, Russia, which is where it got its name from, it was once quite common but is now becoming a rarer variety.

The potato-leaf variety of Black From Tula is called Spudatula.

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