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Radish, Rover Hybrid 1 Pkt. seeds

Available from: Burpee Seeds United States


“Rare radish that can take the heat.”

Radish 'Rover (f1)' growing and care instructions

Rover is one of the nicest radishes we've seen in a while. The smooth, round, dark red roots are extremely uniform and attractive with crisp, snow white flesh. This tasty, mild radish is a few days earlier, and holds in the field longer, than Cabernet, which it replaces. Very widely adapted. CULTURE: Sow anytime during the season, beginning in early spring. Use 2-3" wide bands, seeds about 3/4-1" apart (about 35 seeds/ft. except 10 seeds/ft. for 624 Red Meat and 616 Nero Tondo), 1/2" deep, rows 1' apart, or any row or bedding scheme that will eliminate unplanted ground as much as possible. INSECT PESTS: Flea beetles eat holes in the young leaves. In good soil and weather the plants normally grow out of this trouble to make a good crop. Use floating row covers at time of planting (see Index) for insect-free radishes, or control with rotenone or pyrethrin. Control cabbage root maggots with our floating row covers. RADISH QUALITY: Even when using quality seeds, keep in mind that radish is adversely affected by hot, dry weather, and remains in prime condition only a few days. To be mild, tender, and attractive it should be grown rapidly with plenty of moisture. If growth is checked, the roots may become hot, tough, and pithy. HARVEST and STORAGE: Harvest on time! Begin harvest in about 3-4 weeks when roots are the size of a large marble. Bunch or top, hydrocool, and refrigerate. Topped radishes will keep 3-4 weeks in good, crisp condition if kept near freezing in high humidity in semipermeable containers. AVG. DIRECT SEEDING RATE: 70'/oz., 14 oz./1,000', 25 lb./acre at 35 seeds/ft. in rows 18" apart, or 38 lb./acre in rows 12" apart. GRADED SEED: Standard where noted. SEED SPECS: SEEDS/LB.: 30,000-58,000 (avg. 40,000). MINI: 3 gm. (avg. 265 seeds, sows 7'). PACKET: 14 gm. (avg. 1,250 seeds, sows 36').

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