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    14 Nov 2017
    Reluctantly decided to pull up the Iris Garden, as it had turned into the Ground Elder Garden. It could take a few years to dig it all out :(( Has any one else tried to get rid of Ground Elder? Have you got any advice?

    Iris garden

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  • 02 Nov 2017
    I received one as a gift. How do I keep it as a house plant through the winter?

  • 24 Oct 2017
    Planted alpine asters 3 years ago; plants seem healthy but don’t bloom. full sun, water in AM; fertilize 1x per year. What is causing lack of blooming?

  • Photo-upload-460592?1507665675
    04 Oct 2017
    Hi, I recently went on vacation in Palermo, Sicily and got a few seeds to this tree but I don’t know what it’s called. It has red beans inside of the kernel. If anyone can I identify it I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

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  • Photo-upload-460481?1507139427
    03 Oct 2017
    The Busy Lizzies (Impatiens) I planted out in 3 small troughs on our balcony railings are now coming to the end of their lives. I will have to remove them next week to make way for the mini-Daffs & Crocuses I have “waiting in the wings&#...

    Self-sown Lobelia seedlings on balcony Dying and Busy Lizzies (Impatiens) bought for ba...

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  • Photo-upload-460460?1507066471
    02 Oct 2017
    My Amaryllis are now saying goodbye to Beryl’s garden where they have spent the last 5 months. I started the hibernation process back in the middle of September this year. I asked my friend Gerry if he had a sheet of transparent plastic with...

    Amaryllis in Beryl's garden 2017 Moved

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  • 03 Oct 2017
    hello i am art i live in ecuador yes a lot of rain so i wish 2 know the best way to grow charleston grey sandia under cover. i have about 5 acres max for this project.

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  • 03 Oct 2017
    Hi i live in Collie Western Australia, I was wanting to know if i can grow Luo Han Guo fruit in that place If yes 1/ how long to get a good crop 2/ how much would it cost per tree to by 3/ how many trees to 1 acre 4/ how many times per year an...

  • 30 Sep 2017
    Hi, I’m fairly new to the world of succulent plants and have recently started a collection of my own. I have acquired some graptoveria, pachyveria and echeveria species and was wondering if they would make good companions in a shared plant p...

  • 28 Sep 2017

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