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  • 13 Jan 2008
    I have a lot of this seed. Should I treat them like daylily seeds? Or winter sow?

    Daylily garden. garden

  • 06 Jan 2008
    I am having a minor(!) problem with my chile plant – lots of flowers but no fruit. Does, or has, anyone here manually pollinated chile flowers to get fruit? I have done this for things like zucchini in the past, but on those plants it is cl...

    Chile 'Purple Tiger' and Greenhouse garden

  • 21 Dec 2007
    I popped this into the ground when I got it because I didn’t have any potting mix or a big enough pot for it, but the spot it’s in is rather more shady than is really ideal for rosemary. It’s looking reasonably healthy but not sh...

    Rosemary and Big sharehouse backyard garden [archived]

  • Photo-upload-3334?1333635176
    02 Dec 2007
    They seem to be fully coloured purple now, does that mean that they’d be about ready to try cooking with? Also, any tips on what a non-chili-fiend person could possibly do with a 7-rated hot chili without spontaneously combusting? Is 7 incre...

    Chili Pepper 'Burke's Backyard Thai' and Previous house frontyard garden [archived]

  • Photo-upload-2708?1333874004
    26 Nov 2007
    My baby zucchini’s are rotting away before turning into anything. Now, before you tell me that they’re not being pollinated, I’d like to point out that the buds at the ends never get big enough to open and I really don’t se...

    Zucchini 'Gold Rush' and Indoor Vegetable garden [archived]

  • Photo-upload-3121?1333874121
    20 Nov 2007
    This is happening to all my patio prize tomatoes, starting with the bottom leaves & working it’s way up. There’s some what looks like bug damage, with holes eaten out, then the leaves go yellow/brown and die. No visible culprits bu...

    Tomato 'Patio Prize' and Previous house porch garden [archived]

  • Photo-upload-3115?1333874114
    20 Nov 2007
    I’ve found a few leaf-stems of these strawberry plants covered in tiny little black bugs that seem to wipe away as a sort of powdery ick. I’m controlling them at the moment just by running my fingers over the stems, but I imagine if th...

    Strawberries and Nunnery Vegetable garden [archived]

  • Photo-upload-1886?1333873899
    20 Oct 2007
    I brought this at an open air market a couple of months ago, the first sterm of flowers pretty much finished blooming but there are still two more flower sterms about to be open. Can someone tell me how to care for this?

    Orchid and Indoor garden

  • 17 Oct 2007

    Stuff and Vegetable garden

  • Photo-upload-1568?1333634057
    16 Oct 2007
    Alrighty, fearless gardeners… I didn’t plant any such squash this year, or last year, or the year before. But several vines appeared in my test garden, in my compost heap (leading me to wonder how I could have missed this dinner), and ...

    Winter Squash and Heat Lovers Mostly Heirloom garden

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