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  • Photo-upload-7505?1333482527
    06 Mar 2008
    I’ve heard that I should be picking off strawberry flowers as soon as they develop for the first month or so after planting to ensure that the plant establishes itself and produces a good crop. Is this true? Have other people done (or not do...

    Strawberry 'Chandler' and Indoor Vegetable garden [archived]

  • Photo-upload-6737?1333874867
    03 Mar 2008
    I’ve tried to grow Napa cabbage twice now. Both times, the plant sends up a flower stalk before it even resembles the big white barrel-shaped vegetable that one can buy at the grocery store. Instead it looks a lot like a bok choy, with gre...

    Napa cabbage and SFG vegetable garden

  • 02 Mar 2008
    Okay, I didn’t know how to ask this question and I cannot find anything on it. The problem is, I’m running out of room in my house for my seedlings. I’m thinking of making a greenhouse on my screened in back porch, but I don̵...

    Missy and Tripp Season 2008 garden [archived]

  • Photo-upload-6261?1333799472
    23 Feb 2008
    We have inherited several rose plants from the previous owner of our property. I’ve actually never cared for roses before and need some help. I know how to properly prune a small rose plant, but do not know a quick way to prune a large rose ...

    T and M Roses garden [archived]

  • 09 Feb 2008
    I have been give a huge and out of control rubber tree. Some of its branches and leaves don’t looks so good and its just a general mess. I want to trim it up into some kind of healthier shape, but I know that some plants need this done in a ...

    Summer '07 garden

  • 30 Jan 2008
    This is a problem in the rest of the garden but my query here is specific to this clematis – which is in a pot. I understood mildew was about not getting enough moisture but this was watered really well last summer and sometimes the pot was ...

    Clematis 'Bees' Jubilee' and Container garden

  • 26 Jan 2008
    I want to use a sod cutter in lieu of spray or cardboard to kill a large section of grass that will eventually get mulched over. Will the grass find the right side up if i flip over the cut sod?

    Back Yard garden

  • Photo-upload-4556?1333874515
    25 Jan 2008
    I adore camellias (camelli?) and I’d love to know if you can grow them from cuttings to save me spending tons on more of them! Any ideas?

    Formal and birdy garden

  • 14 Jan 2008
    I have a lot of this seed. Should I treat them like daylily seeds? Or winter sow?

    Daylily garden. garden

  • 07 Jan 2008
    I am having a minor(!) problem with my chile plant – lots of flowers but no fruit. Does, or has, anyone here manually pollinated chile flowers to get fruit? I have done this for things like zucchini in the past, but on those plants it is cl...

    Chile 'Purple Tiger' and Greenhouse garden

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  • CDfolia's Iris - unknown maroon/gold
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