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  • 12 Aug 2010
    Has anyone tried importing a rhizome or live plant.. (U.K. or U.S.A – to Victoria) from the approved Quarantine list? I would like advice on how to go about it…if you can help??

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  • Photo-upload-143448?1333905682
    11 Aug 2010
    I don’t know if the squash is going slow…

    Winter Squash 'Butternut' Showing True Leaves

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  • Photo-upload-143432?1333829115
    11 Aug 2010
    Still going strong and so far other watermelons on the vines havent gotten past the first stage of flowering. The bud stays closed and the fruit underneath turns yellow and dies off…… Any reason behind this?? One has started though and...

    Watermelon Established

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  • Photo-upload-143395?1333829107
    03 Aug 2010
    So were into its 18th day of growing from flower to watermelon. The fruit is still growing, although not at the pace it was at the earlier stages. Saying that though were now into the middle of the 3rd week. How much longer do i keep this on the v...

    Watermelon Established

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  • Photo-upload-143394?1333905677
    11 Aug 2010
    Bought from B&Q mainly as an indorr plant around my lemon plants as for some reason they have started getting quiet a few small flies over them and hoping to get rid of some of them! Dont know where they are all coming from!!??

    flat in mini pots garden

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  • Photo-upload-143393?1333905676
    11 Aug 2010
    Bought from Wilkinson for £5!! Something i have always wanted. Its a ‘musa’ vareity and non edible by the look of it. What do you think?

    flat in mini pots garden

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  • Photo-upload-143360?1333905670
    11 Aug 2010
    This morning I noticed that my dill was full of caterpillars. Not sure as to what kind they are, anyone out there know? My guess is the Black Swallowtail Caterpillar. I took them off my dill plants, but know, upon reading more, I could have put it...

    Dill 'Dukat' Under Attack and Patio garden

    33°C / 92°F
  • 10 Aug 2010
    My neighbor cleared two beds under her trees but never got the opportunity to transplant the Iris before selling to me…yes that’s right… those pics of the Iris that we have? Those are now MY iris!! So if anyone can tell me what...

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  • Photo-upload-142995?1333905594
    08 Aug 2010
    my tomatoes have been getting progressively worse—some kind of fungus, i think, though i’m not sure what kind, or if i can treat it with a general fungicide. hope to consult with someone at the co-op this week to get a solution. does a...

    Tomato - group 1 , North Balcony (summer) garden , and Tomato - group 2

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  • Photo-upload-142959?1333905589
    08 Aug 2010
    I’ve been noticing some dense brownish spots on the leaves of my Zinnia’s. I’m not sure if this if rust or a fungus, or something else. Before the spots appeared the Zinnia’s were being snacked on by something, as you can s...

    Zinnia 'Profusion Mix' and Foundation Garden garden

    Sunny 32°C / 90°F
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