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  • 28 Jul 2010
    Yeah Uh…..that was fun. NOT. I pulled all of them. They were truly a botched job from the start. I made more room in the garden for things that actually might stand a chance. Bye Bye Broccoli…until next time. The Folia Wiki says tha...

    Broccoli Dying and Backyard Veggie Pots (Sown) garden

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  • Photo-upload-141422?1333828768
    27 Jul 2010
    Another 3 days have passed since my last update. I have noticed a few things on my watermelon now its hanging in its sling. Firstly the shape is very wierd its round to a point where the flower was and then its kind of wierd.* (see second picture ...

    Watermelon Flowering

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  • Photo-upload-141812?1333905353
    27 Jul 2010
    I started a lot of different seeds this Spring, and remember transplanting this as it got big enough; hoping it was some sort of pepper plant. It has been blooming like crazy – yellow bells… but nothing seems to develop. It’s ab...

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  • 25 Jul 2010
    I am looking for a list of plants that i can add to my garden now ? here in france zone eight. or a site that can guide me. veggies only thanks

  • Photo-upload-141002?1333828707
    24 Jul 2010
    My first chillies have finally started turing red… I have timed it and its about 3 weeks from fully grown to changing colour. Would they go purple from red do you think? So far they have gone – light green – dark green – re...

    Fiery chilli pepper Flowering

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  • Photo-upload-141000?1333905292
    24 Jul 2010
    Well as promised i have left it 4 days before posting a picture and OMG… I cant believehow big it is now. Its got so big that i have had to create a sling for it! I have made it from my girl friends old tights. They are stretchy and black so...

    Watermelon Flowering

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  • Photo-upload-140775?1333905255
    23 Jul 2010
    I put in 250 Pickling Cucumber plants ….. What was I thinking? I picked another half bushel today which will make another 32 pints of sweet pickles. I’m getting a half-bushel a day this week. I’ve already canned 80 pints of sw...

    Backyard Vegetable garden , Cucumbers: Smart Pickles - 160 plants , and Cucumber: Pic...

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  • Photo-upload-140673?1333905228
    22 Jul 2010
    Can I eat this….? The label said Sweet Peas….something…don’t remember the rest… I thought it was a flower….and now I see this…Don’t know if I can eat this or if this are the seed that I can collect f...

    Flowers in pots garden

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  • Photo-upload-140485?1333905189
    21 Jul 2010
    Having planted out the Cos Lettuce for Winter, it was time to put together a rudimentary cloche to offer some protection. Sure, it doesn’t need anything right now but it felt good to put something in place. What do you think? Do I need to ad...

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  • 21 Jul 2010
    Since we are moving into our new house October 1, (hopefully, prayerfully), I would like to know what is the best way to transfer my grapes. I was discussing it with the previous owner of our new home and she says she doesn’t know for sure,...

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