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  • Photo-upload-145357?1333906381
    07 Oct 2010
    Space for 22 plants… possibly 23, a better number… and have 25 listed. :\ Cut one or two questionable… Cherries are the only ones that did anything in June-September heat and humidity. so though there are 10 or 11 it seems a go...

    Tomato Fence Winter Sown garden

    23°C / 74°F
  • 06 Oct 2010
    I’d like to send a special plant as a wedding present to gardening friends in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Even though the zone number – 6b/7 – is similar to mine back East, I know that the terrain and climate are WAY different. They ...

    Cloudy 13°C / 56°F
  • 01 Oct 2010
    what uses our there for wood stove ashes? lots of it we heat our farm house with wood all winter nothing else so hopefully it can be put to good use.

  • 02 Oct 2010
    Anyone know a source for purple Snap Pea seeds? I want to grow some, but can’t seem to find any online. I also want to grow gold or yellow Snap Peas… I found purple and yellow Snow Peas online, but the kind I’m looking for are th...

    Overcast 16°C / 61°F
  • 02 Oct 2010
    The cold is upon us, it was 35 this morning before it started warming up. Is there anything that I need to do to prepare the grapevines for fall, or will they be fine on their own?

    4°C / 39°F
  • Photo-upload-148476?1333906420
    01 Oct 2010
    Would love to know what this tree is! Found it growing on the edge of a park today!!

    Sunny 18°C / 64°F
  • 30 Sep 2010
    Yesterday, while Bev was picking carrots for dinner, she noticed that some of the tops were gone. This morning more were eaten. Do deer eat carrots tops? Will it hurt the carrots?

    Second planting of carrots and 24 x 96 Raised Bed with hoops garden [archived]

    8°C / 46°F
  • 30 Sep 2010
    Hi, Mike here in Texas, USA, which is USDA Zone 8a. I have 22 acres of really degraded desert land and I have just begun to undertake a plan to rehab it and grow it into a kind of shrub-savana. In its final stage I hope it will be able to support...

  • 30 Jun 2010
    We have a problem with the strawberries, it seems that as they are ripeing that the skin starts to break open as if they were growing too fast. Once the outer skin breaks open they are then open to any pest that comes along. The berries are grown ...

    Sunny 29°C / 85°F
  • Photo-upload-148377?1333906410
    29 Sep 2010
    So here’s the question— do I give up finally on grass, and turn all the paths winding through the garden into 3 1/2 foot wide mulch paths? I would clean up the edges and make them a uniform width throughout the garden. There are just t...

    Ideas garden

    14°C / 57°F
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