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Aphids symptoms and treatment


Also known as greenfly and blackfly, Aphids are a common sap-sucking garden pest.

Symptoms of Aphids

  • Decreased growth rates
  • mottled leaves
  • yellowing of the plant or leaves
  • stunted growth
  • curled leaves
  • browning
  • wilting
  • low yields of fruit
  • death of the plant occurs if the aphids overcome the plant

Remedies for Aphids

  • Biological control – introducing a natural aphid predator such as Lacewing, ladybugs or hoverfly via seeding eggs / larvae on the plant.
  • Encourage aphid predators by planting flowers and plants such as tagetes, sunflower and morning glory around the affected plants.
  • Remove via water spray (take care not to overwater the plant) this is effective only when aphid infestation is minimal
  • Garlic spray – mix minced garlic with detergent and leave to brew for a week, apply to leaves and stem using a spray bottle.
  • Diluted detergent / washing up liquid – spray every week or so
  • Remove and squish aphids with fingers.
  • Insecticidal soap (a potassium-salt soap is available at most garden centres).
  • Neem and lantana products can be helpful and are eco-friendly
  • Biological Insecticides based on Beauveria bassiana or Paecilomyces fumosoroseus.

Aphids can affect:

Gardener Experiences with Aphids


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