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Blackspot symptoms and treatment

Diplocarpon rosae

Leaves get black spots then turn yellow and fall off. You may also see black scabby areas on new stems

Symptoms of Blackspot

Leaves get black spots then turn yellow and fall off.

Remedies for Blackspot

*Grow resistant varieties
*remove affected leaves and fallen leaves from base of plant and discard (do not compost)
*avoid wetting foliage when watering
*Ensure good air circulation
*Remove all diseased material and throw away – don’t compost this
*Mulch well around the plant
*Spray with Compost tea to encourage the growth of beneficial micororganisms
*sulfur spray
*neem oil
*milk spray
*spray with 3 tsp baking soda and 1 tsp canola oil in 1 gallon water

  • scatter cornmeal around base to encourage the growth of beneficial competing fungi

Blackspot can affect:

Gardener Experiences with Blackspot


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