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Plants beginning with X

The Folia Plant Database is compiled and maintained by gardeners all over the world adding their experiences to each of the plants. Read more about the plants beginning with the letter X, their ideal growing conditions and whether they are suitable for your garden.

Name Botanical Name
Xanthoria alaskana Xanthoria alaskana
Xanthoria alfredi Xanthoria alfredi
Xanthoria borealis Xanthoria borealis
Xanthoria candelaria Xanthoria candelaria
Xanthoria concinna Xanthoria concinna
Xanthoria fallax Xanthoria fallax
Xanthoria fulva Xanthoria fulva
Xanthoria lobulata Xanthoria lobulata
Xanthoria oregana Xanthoria oregana
Xanthoria ulophyllodes Xanthoria ulophyllodes
Xanthosoma Xanthosoma
Xanthosoma hoffmannii Xanthosoma hoffmannii
Xanthosoma jacquinii Xanthosoma jacquinii
Xanthosoma nigrum Xanthosoma nigrum
Xanthoxalis albicans Xanthoxalis albicans
Xanthoxalis brittoniae Xanthoxalis brittoniae
Xanthoxalis bushii Xanthoxalis bushii
Xanthoxalis coloradensis Xanthoxalis coloradensis
Xanthoxalis colorea Xanthoxalis colorea
Xanthoxalis corniculata Xanthoxalis corniculata
Xanthoxalis cymosa Xanthoxalis cymosa
Xanthoxalis dillenii Xanthoxalis dillenii
Xanthoxalis filipes Xanthoxalis filipes
Xanthoxalis florida Xanthoxalis florida
Xanthoxalis grandis Xanthoxalis grandis