Seed Swaps

Plants beginning with U

The Folia Plant Database is compiled and maintained by gardeners all over the world adding their experiences to each of the plants. Read more about the plants beginning with the letter U, their ideal growing conditions and whether they are suitable for your garden.

Name Botanical Name
Urena lobata var. sinuata Urena lobata var. sinuata
Urena trilobata Urena trilobata
Urera Urera
Urera Urera obovata
Urera konaensis Urera konaensis
Urera sandvicensis Urera sandvicensis
Urera sandvicensis var. kauaiensis Urera sandvicensis var. kauaiensis
Urera sandvicensis var. mollis Urera sandvicensis var. mollis
Urginea Urginea
Urginea scilla Urginea scilla
Urn Gum Eucalyptus urnigera
Urn Lichen Tholurna dissimilis
Urn shaped gentian Gentiana urnula
Urnflower Alumroot Heuchera elegans
Urochloa Urochloa
Urochloa antholeuca Urochloa antholeuca
Urochloa bulbodes Urochloa bulbodes
Urochloa dictyoneura Urochloa dictyoneura
Urochloa fasciculata Urochloa fasciculata
Urochloa platytaenia Urochloa platytaenia
Urochloa pullalans Urochloa pullalans
Urochloa ruziziensis Urochloa ruziziensis
Urochloa stolonifera Urochloa stolonifera
Urochloa subquadripara Urochloa subquadripara
Urochloa uniseta Urochloa uniseta