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Plants beginning with P

The Folia Plant Database is compiled and maintained by gardeners all over the world adding their experiences to each of the plants. Read more about the plants beginning with the letter P, their ideal growing conditions and whether they are suitable for your garden.

Name Botanical Name
Pyxidanthera barbulata var. brevifolia Pyxidanthera barbulata var. brevifolia
Pyxidanthera spathulata Pyxidanthera spathulata
Pyxine Pyxine
Pyxine caesiopruinosa Pyxine caesiopruinosa
Pyxine chrysanthoides Pyxine chrysanthoides
Pyxine coralligera Pyxine coralligera
Pyxine frostii Pyxine frostii
Pyxine Lichen Pyxine albovirens
Pyxine Lichen Pyxine berteriana
Pyxine Lichen Pyxine cocoes
Pyxine Lichen Pyxine petricola
Pyxine Lichen Pyxine retirugella
Pyxine Lichen Pyxine sorediata
Pyxine Lichen Pyxine subcinerea
Pyxine meissneri Pyxine meissneri
Pyxine picta Pyxine picta
Pyxine pringlei Pyxine pringlei