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Companion Plants for Summer squash

Cucurbita pepo

Good companion plants for Summer squash

Orange and yellow nasturtium1 2 3 (deters squash bugs and beetles, trap crop for aphids, cucumber beetles and whitefly1), corn1 2 3 (“disorients” the squash vine borer, and provides a support1), marigold [deters beetles], onion, sunflowers, melon, pumpkin, borage (deters worms, improves growth and flavour, attracts bees for pollination, can be a green manure to replace calcium in the soil and prevent blossom end rot)1, marjoram2 3, radishes (repel squash vine borers and cucumber beetles, act as a trap crop for flea beetles)1, garlic (repels aphids)1, legumes (nitrogen fixing)1, mint (trap crop for aphids)1, dill (repel squash bugs, aphids, whiteflies)1

Repellent plants for Summer squash

These plants will not tend to grow well with Summer squash - they could stunt or inhibit growth.

Potato (inhibits squash growth)1

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