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Love-in-a-mist care instructions

Nigella damascena

All care instructions and information about Love-in-a-mist (Nigella damascena) have been provided by real gardeners.

Lifecycle Is Love-in-a-mist annual or perennial?
Growing Difficulty How hard is it to grow Love-in-a-mist?
Easy 2/5
Growth Habit What shape or habit does Love-in-a-mist grow into?
Hardiness How frost hardy is Love-in-a-mist?
Country of Origin Where did Love-in-a-mist come from?
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Mature Height How tall does Love-in-a-mist grow?
50.0 cm / 1.62 feet
Mature Spread How wide does Love-in-a-mist grow?
20.0 cm / 7.8 inches
USDA Zone Range Which zones does Love-in-a-mist grow best in?
pH Range The level of acidity for Love-in-a-mist.
6.6 - 7.5
Water Requirements How much water does Love-in-a-mist require?
Nitrogen Requirements How much nitrogen fertilizer does Love-in-a-mist need?
Soil What sort of soil should I plant Love-in-a-mist in?
Loam / Potting Mix / Clay
Sun How much sunlight does Love-in-a-mist need to grow?
Full Sun / Partial Sun
Can Sow Direct? Can Love-in-a-mist be sown directly?
Sowing Depth How deep to plant Love-in-a-mist?
0.2 cm / 0.08 inches
Sowing Distance Apart How far apart to plant Love-in-a-mist?
2.0 cm / 0.78 inches
Sowing Row Distance Apart How far apart to plant rows of Love-in-a-mist?
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Ideal Germination Temperature Range What temperatures does Love-in-a-mist need in order to germinate?
12°C / 54°F to Help build our wiki!
Growing Temperatures What temperatures are best to grow Love-in-a-mist in?
12°C / 54°F to 25°C / 77°F
Planting Distance Apart How far apart to plant Love-in-a-mist seedlings.
20.0 cm / 7.8 inches
Planting Row Distance Apart How far apart to plant rows of Love-in-a-mist seedlings.
30.0 cm / 11.7 inches
Bloom Time When will Love-in-a-mist bloom?
Mid Summer
Harvest Time When is Love-in-a-mist ready for harvest?
Pruning Time When should I prune Love-in-a-mist?