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American beautyberry     

Callicarpa americana

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American beautyberry is a plant which belongs to the Callicarpa genus.

Deciduous shrub with nondescript axillary flowers, but little vivid purple berries in fall that last long after leaves drop. Will volunteer from seeds. Very drought tolerant but may defoliate in severe drought.8 Often found in wetter areas, but won’t tolerate too much actual flooding. Considered a ‘medium level’ food source for many birds, deer, black bears, and other wildlife by the US Army of Engineers.

Sometimes listed as zone 6, sometimes zone 7.76

U.S. Department of Agriculture found that extracts from beautyberry leaves could match DEET for repelling mosquitoes27. It can also repel black legged ticks3 ,and fire ants.1

Blooms appear in these approximate colours:   Lavender (floral) and   Lavender purple. When mature, blooms are roughly 0.5 cm (that's 0.2 inches in imperial) in diameter. The mature flowers are of a single form. When ripe, fruit appear in these approximate colours:   Bright Purple. Leaves appear approximately as a   Ao green

American beautyberry grows as a perennial and is a flowering edible ornamental / fruit. Being a perennial plant, it tends to grow best over several years (approx 3 years and greater).

American beautyberry is known for growing to a height of approximately 6.50 feet (that's 2.00 metres in metric) with a bush-like habit. This plant tends to be ready for harvesting by late autumn.

Try planting American beautyberry if you'd like to attract birds to your garden.

United States is believed to be where American beautyberry originates from.

American beautyberry is normally fairly low maintenance and is normally quite easy to grow, as long as a level of basic care is provided throughout the year. Being aware of the basic soil, sun and water preferences will result in a happier and healthier plant.

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How to grow American beautyberry

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  • Full Sun

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Prune when it goes dormant to promote flowering and berry production as it only flowers on new growth. Cut back severely for best fruit – flowers only on new growth. Will tolerate full shade, but tends to do best either in partial sun to full sun for maximum berry-making.

Drought tolerant once established, but does like higher water areas, such as river banks. Early succession species.

A partial sun / full sun position will ensure your plant thrives and remember to apply water fairly sparingly. Zone 7 to 10 are typically the USDA Hardiness Zones that are appropriate for this plant (although this can vary based on your microclimate). Ensure your soil is loamy, clay and sandy and has a ph of between 4.8 and 7.0 as American beautyberry is a moderately acidic soil - neutral soil loving plant. Keep in mind when planting that American beautyberry is thought of as very hardy, so this plant will tend to survive through freezing conditions.

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Growing American beautyberry from seed

Reportedly has poor germination from seed, but it can be done. It is best to plant in fall, straight from the shrub to the ground. Soaking for 30 minutess in Sulphuric acid (18N) also aids germination rates. Some sources say it needs cold stratification, others say it needs a warm period (temperature inside your house being sufficient).

Transplanting American beautyberry

Can be started from cuttings but may not root in water.

Ensure that temperatures are mild and all chance of frost has passed before planting out, as American beautyberry is a very hardy plant.

How long does American beautyberry take to grow?

These estimates for how long American beautyberry takes to sprout, grow and harvest are from real observations from real gardeners, right around the world.

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American beautyberry Folklore & Trivia

Jam used to be made from the fruit by early settlers. Some people still make jam or jelly.4
It is said the berries could be used to make dye.
Bluebirds will eat the berries.6
Native Americans used this plant medicinally.8

Other names for American beautyberry

Purple beautyberry, French mulberry, American mulberry, Wild goose’s berries

Misspellings: amercana, beutyberry, beauty berry,

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