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Pea 'Wando'

Pisum sativum

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Wando is a popular variety of Pea, which belongs to the Pisum genus (Pisum sativum 'Wando'). 'Wando' is considered a heirloom cultivar.

This heirloom shelling pea can take heat much better than other varieties. It is an excellent choice for warm climates or for late planting. Though, it is a heat tolerant variety, it also handles the cold as well as other peas, so it can be planted in early spring just the same. The 18"-30" plants have 7-8 medium sized peas in each 3 1/2" pod. Sow a crop in early spring for summer harvest and another crop in mid-summer for fall harvest. In zones 9-11, they can even be grown for winter harvest.

An annual, so it will last but a year in its native climate. Wando is known for its Vine habit and growing to a height of approximately 1.55 metres (5.04 feet).

As Wando Pea is a low maintanence plant, it is great for beginner gardeners and those that like gardens that don't need much overseeing.

This variety plant info is provided by the myfolia gardener's wiki. All details about Wando have been kindly provided by our members.

How to grow Wando

  • Partial Sun

  • Very High

Enjoys a partial sun position in your garden and remember to water very often. Keep in mind when planting that Wando is thought of as half hardy, so remember to protect this plant from frosts and low temperatures. Use USDA Hardiness Zone 3 - 9 as your guideline for the appropriate climate for this plant. Ensure your soil is loamy and has a ph of between 5.5 and 6.5 as Pea is a weakly acidic soil loving plant.

Growing Wando from seed

Plant as soon as the soil is workable.

Try to aim for a seed spacing of at least 2.97 inches (7.62 cm) and sow at a depth of around 0.99 inches (2.54 cm). Soil temperature should be kept higher than 4°C / 39°F to ensure good germination.

By our calculations, you should look at sowing Wando about 35 days before your last frost date.

Transplanting Wando

Ensure that temperatures are mild and all chance of frost has passed before planting out, as Wando is a half hardy plant.

Harvesting Wando

Pea Wando Etymology

It was introduced in 1943 and is the result of a cross between Laxton’s Progress (an English pea) and Perfection (a New England heirloom).

Other Names for Pea 'Wando'

Burgess Drought Proof Pea