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Eggplant 'Shooting stars'     

Solanum melongena

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Shooting stars is part of the Solanum genus and is a Eggplant variety. Its scientific name is Solanum melongena 'Shooting stars'. This variety typically blooms in the following colours:   Light fuchsia pink. When mature, blooms are roughly 3.5 cm (that's 1.36 inches in imperial) in diameter.The mature flowers take a Single form, with an approximate petal count of 6. This variety typically produces fruit in the following colours:   Deep magenta and   Cosmic latte. The leaves of this particular variety normally show as   Forest green (web) colour. This variety is an Vegetable that typically grows as an Annual, which is defined as a plant that matures and completes its lifecycle over the course of a single year. Shooting stars is known for its Climbing habit and growing to a height of approximately 76.2 cm (2.48 feet). Expect blooming to occur in early summer.

Typically, Shooting stars Eggplant is normally fairly low maintenance and can thus be quite easy to grow - only a basic level of care is required throughout the year to ensure it thrives. Being aware of the basic growing conditions this plant likes (soil, sun and water) will result in a strong and vibrant plant.

This variety plant info is provided by the myfolia gardener's wiki. All details about Shooting stars have been kindly provided by our members.

How to grow Shooting stars

  • Full Sun

  • High

Try to plant in a location that enjoys full sun and remember to water often. Shooting stars requires a loamy and potting mix soil with a ph of 5.6 - 7.0 - it grows best in weakly acidic soil to neutral soil.

Growing Shooting stars from seed

Pre-soaking seeds is recommended.

Look to ensure a distance 1.50 feet (46.0 cm) between seeds when sowing - bury at a depth of at least 0.25 inches (0.64 cm) deep. Soil temperature should be kept higher than 24°C / 75°F to ensure good germination.

Transplanting Shooting stars

Add lime to soil before planting out.

By our calculations, you should look at planting out Shooting stars about 0 days after your last frost date.

Harvesting Shooting stars

Expect harvests to start to occur in late summer.