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Cabbage pests and problems

Brassica oleracea (Capitata Group)

Common Cabbage problems

These problems, diseases and pests are known to affect Cabbage plants:

Yellow or fusarium wilt – causes the leaves of plants to wilt and die. The first sign of the disease is yellowing and browning of the lower leaves. The plants are stunted before wilting occurs. Grow yellows-resistant (YR) or yellows-tolerant varieties. Most modern hybrids have this tolerance or resistance bred into them. 4

Blackleg – black cankers on the stem. The taproot often rots away. 4

Blackrot – large, V-shaped, yellow-to-brown areas in the leaves, starting at the leaf edge. The veins turn black. Soft rot usually follows black-rot infection. 4

Bolting – when exposed to low temperatures for extended periods (eg, 35-45 F) 4

Clubroot 4

aphids, clubroot, root-knot nematodes and cabbage maggots