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Belonging to the Musa genus (Musa 'Lady Finger'), Lady Finger is a variety of Banana plant. Leaves appear approximately as a   Grade 1 Paint Green colour.

Lady Finger banana can grow to 25 feet (762.00 cm). It has a heavy root system which make it resistant to wind damage. The fruit is very sweet and are eaten fresh and in deserts.1

Lady Finger grows as an Annual/Perennial and is a Fruit. Being an annual / perennial, it tends to grow either as a single season plant, or a plant that can stay in your garden for many years. Lady Finger normally grows with a erect-like habit to a mature height of 4.88 metres (that's 15.85 feet imperial). This variety tends to bloom in mid summer.

India is believed to be where Lady Finger originates from.

Due to how easy it is to grow in a variety of conditions, Lady Finger Banana plant is great for beginner gardeners and those that like low maintainance gardens.

This variety plant info is provided by the myfolia gardener's wiki. All details about Lady Finger have been kindly provided by our members.

How to grow Lady Finger

  • Full Sun

  • High

When the bunch of bananas has at least 5 hands, if not more, the rest of the flower should be cut off in order for the bananas to start fattening up.

Plant in a location that enjoys full sun and remember to water often. Keep in mind when planting that Lady Finger is thought of as tender, so remember to wait until your soil is warm and the night time temperature is well above freezing before moving outside. Use USDA Hardiness Zone 8 - 12 as your guideline for the appropriate climate for this plant.

Growing Lady Finger from seed

Transplanting Lady Finger

As Lady Finger is tender, ensure temperatures are mild enough to plant out - wait until after your last frost date to be on the safe side.

Harvesting Lady Finger

Bananas are harvested when they look fat and start turning a very light green. Cut the bunch leaving a long piece of the “stem” so that by tying a strong piece of string or rope to it and hanging it from the top of a porch or inside a barn to let the bananas ripen. They can also be left on the tree but birds love bananas and other critters too.

Other Names for Banana plant 'Lady Finger'

sugar banana


International Banana Society wiki entry for Lady Finger