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Strawberry 'Cambridge Favourite'        

Fragaria x ananassa

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Belonging to the Strawberry genus (Fragaria x ananassa 'Cambridge Favourite'), Cambridge Favourite is a variety of Strawberry. Blooms appear in these approximate colours:   Floral white and   Naples yellow and   Pink lace. When mature, blooms are roughly 1.0 cm (that's 0.39 inches in imperial) in diameter.The mature flowers take a Single form, with an approximate petal count of 5. When ripe, fruit appear in these approximate colours:   Candy apple red and   Alizarin crimson. Leaves appear approximately as a   Ao green and   Kelly green colour.

Easy variety to grow in a range of conditions. Good disease resistance. RHS Award of Garden Merit Winner. Heavy cropping, medium-large, pale pink-red conical fruit

This variety is a Fruit that typically grows as an Biennial, which is defined as a plant that matures and completes its lifecycle over the course of two years. Cambridge Favourite is known for growing with a ground cover-like habit to a height of approximately 20.0 cm (that's 7.8 inches in imperial). This variety tends to bloom in mid summer.

United Kingdom is thought to be the country of origin for Cambridge Favourite.

Due to how easy it is to grow in a variety of conditions, Cambridge Favourite Strawberry is great for beginner gardeners and those that like low maintainance gardens.

This variety plant info is provided by the myfolia gardener's wiki. All details about Cambridge Favourite have been kindly provided by our members.

How to grow Cambridge Favourite

  • Full Sun

  • High

Control mould as required. Remove old foliage after cropping
Mulch with straw to keep the developing berries off the ground
Pull old leaves off the plant after harvest to encourage fresh growth and let light into the crown

Try to plant in a location that enjoys full sun and remember to water often. Keep in mind when planting that Cambridge Favourite is thought of as hardy, so this plant will survive close to or on freezing temperatures. As a rough idea of the types of climates Cambridge Favourite does best in, check to see if your local area is within USDA Hardiness Zones 3 and 10. Planting Cambridge Favourite in loamy and clay soil with a ph of between 5.5 and 7.5 is ideal for as it does best in weakly acidic soil to weakly alkaline soil.

Growing Cambridge Favourite from seed

Can be grown from seed, but quicker and free from the runners in late summer

Sow 0.0 inches (0.0 cm) deep with a guideline distance of 11.7 inches (30.0 cm). Soil temperature should be kept higher than 20°C / 68°F to ensure good germination.

Transplanting Cambridge Favourite

Best in sun, on humus rich well drained soil.
Prepare the ground and remove the weeds throughly, as the plants will be in place for a year or two

As Cambridge Favourite is hardy, ensure temperatures are mild enough to plant out - wait until after your last frost date to be on the safe side.

Harvesting Cambridge Favourite

Pale pink and red, medium to large conical fruit with a good flavour. It is vigorous and heavy cropping
Recommended for jam making

This variety tends to be ready for harvesting by mid summer.

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