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Clematis montana      

This was growing up the front and side of the house when we moved in; it covered the walls of the house to the eves. It was massive and quite a local land mark when it was in bloom. My neighbour in the Lane says that it has been on our cottage as long as she can remember and thinks it is contemporary with the extension which was put on in the 1950’s. It certainly has a massive trunk.
About five years ago it, it seemed to die and although it started to grow, as usual, in the spring its leaves withered before they had opened properly. We left it for a year and the following summer we cut it down as it was looking a mess. We had noticed that it was producing new shoots from the ground so we just left it to it.
It is not as big as it was before it became ill but it has reached the eves again, although it does not cover the walls as thickly, it is still large enough to catch your eye from the Lane.
15.05.10 Flowering, light clove fragrance
13.04.16 I don’t know if this is dying of old age but the clematis has been sick from before last spring, only a small amount of green growth on the highest part. only one or two strands of buds ready to flower. I’m beginning to think it needs taking down as it is a straggly mess of dead twigs.

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