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I saw a very fine large ‘Leafy’ plant when Grace and I went to fetch Richard from School, but we had not left enough time to look properly around Doby’s and I left behind many plants that could have come to live in Kent!
So when I had a look around the new garden centre on the way back from Maidstone I had to rescue this one. It is really pretty but not as large are the ‘Salopian Leafy’ although I hope to grow it now it is in more favourable conditions.
As I was getting everything out of the car, Plumpy beaked a leaf but it has some more on the way.

This is a fussy thing, I can’t get the watering right. It does not like being dry or in the least bit cold and curls its leaves up when I have done something wrong! It still looks a mess, dispite having two or three new leaves, as it old leaves are brown and shrivled at the edges from its torture in the garden centre. Repotted January 10
24.02.10 Spotted some new shoots at the base of the plant
20.03.10 This plant is still a bit grumpy, but it is looking a bit better now the nights are more mild. New leaves uncurling
‘Leafy’ is now split into four and I have given one to Nat, but I’m never buying a plant from this garden centre again, as it came with spider mite that I have been trying to keep from my other plants all year, without sucess :(
I’m not sure if this still has spidermite, but it has been sick all winter :( Repotted all bits up into one pot again, sprayed it and waterd it well.

This is the plant that brought the spidermite into the conservatory. I certainly shall not buy plants again from Highrove. :((

I repotted all the plants back in one pot and shoved it under the table. It has improved no end and really enjoys its gloomy spot.
Finally hoofed this out after it has given spider mite to virtually every plant in the conservatory :((

This planting has been archived (Died).

Purchased from Highgrove Garden Centre

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