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Juniper squamata   

I think that this was bought in 2005 or 06 from Steve Van der Meer.
I have no tag and no record of its being bought so the identification is tentative.
The description of Juniper squamata /Singleseed juniper fits this shrub perfectly and the name ‘Blue -’ rings a bell. J. squamata – prostrate shrub… Spreading, narrowly wedge-shaped sharply pointed, entirely juvenile leaves [ie. needles], dark gray-green to silvery-blue, each with a bright blue-wide band [on reverse], are borne in whorls of three. Mountains of N.E. Afghanistan, Himalayas, W and C China. Z5. ‘Blue Carpet’ is a prostrate shrub with bluish gray-green leaves. 8-12"h x 4-5’, it could also be ‘Blue Star’ compact rounded bush with silvery blue leaves 16"h x 36", maybe the latter would fit it for size. Z 5.

So far it has lived in a pot at the end of East 2 where it got buried by snow in the winter which rather defeated the purpose of having it for winter interest. Now J. Moonglow has gone into Path, J. Blue Star has taken its place by the porch steps. Today 10 Oct 09 I moved it onto the porch, where with the pot wrapped it will spend the winter.

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Quantity: 1

Plant Flaky juniper Juniperus squamata 39
Variety Blue Star 35


Care Instructions

Space seeds 3.90 feet (1.20 metres) apart when sowing to ensure enough growing space.

Flaky juniper 'Blue Star' is known for growing to a height of approximately 91.0 cm (2.96 feet) so ensure you have enough space in your garden for this plant.

Your garden is in partial sun light: plant in a location that enjoys full sun.

Try to apply water fairly sparingly.

More information about Juniper squamata is available in the Folia gardener's wiki. All Juniper squamata Care Instructions have been kindly provided by our members.

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