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I’m scared of this one, I has the potential to grow through the roof but I have not shared this with my husband. It has doubled in size since I bought it at the end of August and I must admit I did not realise what I was buying at the time. Any way its here now, perhaps if I keep it squashed in a smallish pot? The thing is, it dries out too quickly…

It is very pretty with delicate lacy ‘fern’ type leaves. I’m not sure if it flowers as a house plant or only as it breaks thought the conservatory roof

Leaving repotting decision until the spring.

Has anyone nipped out the growing point of this plant successfully? I may try that in the spring and see if it can be persuaded to become a bit more of a bush.

It does not seem as happy as it has been, the repotting mixture was a citrus mix but I did not add any perlite. It seems to have stopped growing and the new leaves remain small. Some of the lower leaves are starting to turn yellow. I hope it is only going dormant and not taking a dislike to being repottted.

Jack is sick or naturally loosing its leaves, the growing tip is still green so I am hoping that it will notice that it is Spring soon!

Jack was next to the Castor oil that caught spider mite so I have cut it right down and sprayed everywhere. It is just a couple of sticks at the moment but I’m hoping that it will buck up and that spider mites will have departed with the cut bits :((

September 2011 It is not looking very well and I think it may have spidermite. Its leaves are dropping quite badly

Spidermite :((

This planting has been archived (Died).

Purchased from David's Exotic Plants

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Plant Blue Jacaranda Jacaranda mimosifolia 24


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