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This is Richard’s too; it has been propagated from a plant at school. I’m afraid I have not been very nice to it as I have been keeping it in a very small pot and I know it needs a bigger one. It is just I know it will take over the world if it is given a chance. I promise to repot it in the spring
July Cut all its babies off (owch!) and planted them up! They will probaly take over the world!
August 2012. I’ve potted up all the babies….!!!
After growing on all the babies over the winter, I used them as summer bedding in pots in the Lane. At the end of the season I emptied the pot into the Lane as it contained Gaillardia as well as they are perennial. To my great surprise about four or five spider plants have survived the winter outside in the Lane! It has been a mild winter, but it has also been very wet, with the Lane running like a stream on many days.

This planting is in the Windowsill and Conservatory garden .


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Quantity: 1

Plant Spider plant Chlorophytum comosum 282
Variety Variegatum 69


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