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Bean 'Bush Blue Lake 47'

Experimental plantings to see if I can actually get a winter crop.

Did not work. Didn’t get far before croaking in cold weather. I think the slugs did a number on the small amount of foliage they did manage to make too.

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Purchased from Territorial Seed Company

Quantity: 1

Plant Bean Phaseolus vulgaris 9653


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  • 23 Sep 2007

    Sown day 0


Hmm…I planted this bean, variety 47 and it was billed to me as a summer crop. The slugs have done a number on the leaves but, if it is supposed to be a winter crop, I have some hope that I may actually see some beans on it! Any tips?

Posted on 25 Sep 07 (almost 12 years ago)

Oh and one other comment, I have mine designated as Plant: Bean Variety: Bush Blue Lake 47. This is what it said on my tag and I noticed the slight discrepancy is keeping them from being linked as ‘who else is growing’ on the right. Wish there was some way to keep the entries uniform or add your own as a ‘I am growing this’ even if the name is slightly off.

Posted on 25 Sep 07 (almost 12 years ago)

If you go outside when it’s raining and pick the slugs off and throw them at a fence they won’t bother your plants as much. You have to be vigilant in slug prone areas. Your compost isn’t too near your garden is it? You can set up beer traps too. I simply can’t grow anything without keeping a line of slug bait around my beds and picking slugs regularly… but the slugs never seemed to bother our beans much. I will rename my bean to the full correct name if it will let me so that ours display together.

Posted on 13 Oct 07 (almost 12 years ago)

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