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Bean (Pole) 'Fortex'

This planting has been archived (Died).

Quantity: 1

Plant Bean Phaseolus vulgaris 9658
Variety Fortex 67


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Have you grown Fortex before??

I think I planted mine on May 23 or 24? I haven’t had any germinate yet. :(

But it appears from your pics that your garden is in full sun? Unfortunately, mine is not so between the cool weather last week and the shade, I’m hoping mine are just a little slower to take off.
I also have Orca (bush) and Rattlesnake Pole beans germinating so there is hope.

Posted on 08 Jun 09 (about 10 years ago)


Folia Helper


Nope, never tried fortex before. My garden is full sun, but one side gets shaded (late in the day) a couple hours before the other. I noticed that all the full-full sun beans sprouted a day or two before the slightly less-sun ones. I’m having trouble with my red noodle beans, their germination is not great all, so I’m just going to plant lots more ;)

Good luck with the fortex beans!

Posted on 09 Jun 09 (about 10 years ago)

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