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Originally these plants started out as a packet of seeds that I bought from a shop and scattered on my new flower border in 1997. Each year I help to encourage them to sprout anew by shaking the seed heads back over the border once they have dried out and gone rattly. In effect they are self seeding, I just do the directional stuff to stop so many of the new seedlings from sprouting up in my lawn.

These have naturalised very happily in my garden, and can be found flowering in every border front and back (and next door, and down the street…)

I like the way that I can never be sure what colour any given plant will be until it flowers, and the shape of the flowers can vary a lot too. Some of them are single ones, and others double, some have much more elongated petals.

This planting is in the Bent Prunus garden .


Latest Milestone Flowering

Quantity: 1

Plant Granny's bonnet Aquilegia 682


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