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Bougainvillea - Condo     

This is another of the plants we tried to rescue from the condo in Houston. It was in a large terra cotta planter sitting by the entryway fountain. HUGE. I initially wanted the planter but thought it might just be possible to save the plant. I don’t even know what color it blooms, although it is probably the common pink variety.

We cut it back a good bit and wrapped it with an old blanket. As Chris and Wilbur attempted to load it onto the dolly it became apparent that this thing had no intention of moving. Tilting the pot over revealed an enormous tap root growing through the drain hole and into the ground. We had to cut it off to move the plant. This lowered my hopes of it surviving.

We got it home and put it on the sidewalk next to the pool. I can’t allow it to do the tap root number again because I know it won’t survive the winter freezes here, it will have to be moved into the garage.

This photo is a month after we brought it home when we felt like it was warm enough to live outside. It dropped all its leaves while inside.
Not real promising.

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Vibrant colour.

Posted on 16 Feb 11 (over 8 years ago)

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