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Highbush Blueberry 'Darrow'

Blueberries in general have been a qualified success for me. Despite planting them in peat for high acid, they haven’t developed as bushy nor borne as heavily as I’d hoped. Of all the varieties I grow, Darrow is the most prolific and has the largest highest quality berries.

A friend in Emeryville closer to the Bay than I am has grown some monster-sized blueberry bushes. I think she’s used even more peat than I have and that there’s something about the amount of sunlight/shade, etc. that’s working better for her. OTOH, it may be the cultivars she’s growing.

This planting is in the Berkeley Microclimate Successes garden .

Purchased from Regan Nursery

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Plant Highbush blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum 877
Variety Darrow 8


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  • 18 Jan 2006

    Sown day 0


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