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Potato - Yukon Gold  

This is a 4×4 raised bed Chris made just for potatoes. We will mound soil and add a layer or two as the potatoes grow. This is an imitation of the tire beds that we have seen people grow potatoes in.

Unfortunately, Rhonda was here this morning when I decided to plant the potatoes. In my distraction, I didn’t remember to count and see how many starts I planted. I bought 1 lb of starter potatoes, which looked like a lot until I started putting them in the bed. So I basically planted them around the sides of the bed leaving the center open. I’ll plant flowers in the center or something.

In the photo, the potato bed is the one in the front of the picture, sitting as a diamond to the long veggie bed.

This planting has been archived (Other).

Purchased from North Haven Gardens

Quantity: 1

Plant Potato Solanum tuberosum 3597
Variety Yukon Gold 320


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