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I’ve never grown potatoes before and these are purely an experiment inspired by some organic store-bought potatoes sprouting (big-time) after I forgot about them. I cut each potato into three or four pieces and let them dry in a warm room for about a day. Then, using extra bird netting that I had on hand, I staked out a small enclosure next to the compost bin and filled it with about 6 inches of compost. After placing the potato pieces “eye” side up, I put more compost on top and watered the lot. After the potatoes sprout, I’ll keep adding more compost to encourage upward growth. The idea is that, at the end of the season, I can unstake the netting and harvest taters without much digging. Many people do the same thing with wire cages or plastic trash cans. Netting is what I had, so that’s what I used. We shall see how well this works! (PS, I’m just guessing at the variety and will update or correct it when I can confirm what I planted.)

This planting is in the Kitchen garden .


Latest Milestone Sprouting

Quantity: 8

Plant Potato Solanum tuberosum 3606
Variety White 28


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