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I had so much trouble (plagues of aphids) with some of these I tried last year, but I’m giving it another go. They’re doing great so far (but then again, that’s how it went last year!). I’m definitely going to keep them indoors for a while so as to keep them aphid-free until they are strong enough to handle a little sucking.

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Plant Butterfly weed Asclepias tuberosa 382


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I hate to admit it but in addition to squishing the aphids with my fingers I used an insecticide early in the season once to allow the young plants to get rooted. After this the aphids did not seem to retard plant growth. I am looking for something that will control the aphids but not harm the butterflies or other insects I want to keep. I really prefer to grow organically if possible. Let me know if you discover something that will work. I wonder if anyone has tried insecticidal soap and whether this would kill the caterpillars? Have you tried planting with other flowers such as mums or marigolds? Good luck with your plants.

Posted on 19 Oct 08 (over 9 years ago)

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