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Penstemon Red Cup-Leaf (Penstemon murrayanus)   

Purchased at Bustani Plant Farm for $7.95.
Penstemon murrayanus is a superb southern US native perennial from Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Starting in mid-May (NC), the 6’ tall spikes rise from the small rosette of glossy silver-gray leaves. Each spike is adorned with 6" long x 3" wide perfoliate leaves (stem runs through the center) and topped with small, bright-orange, tubular flowers along the top 2’ of the spike…a hummingbird favorite. Our offering of Penstemon murrayanus comes from an Aaron Floden seed collection in Winn Parish, Louisiana, where it grows in dry sandy soils alongside opuntia cactus…good drainage is the key! Note to taxonomists…couldn’t we just have used the epithet murrayi instead of murrayanus? What if the poor man’s name had been Harry?

This planting is in the Southside garden .

Purchased from Bustani Plant Farm

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