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Looking for a dwarf sunflower? Suntastic sunflower is so small it received the All-America Selections Bedding Plant Award for 2014. This pollen-less hybrid sunflower has bright yellow petals around a black center, and only grows to 25-30cm (10-24") tall. What’s more is that each tiny plant produces three consecutive waves of blooms with 5 to 8 five-inch flowers appearing at once. So it’s perfect for containers and any place where summer colour is needed over a long period. Suntastic begins to bloom in less than 65 days from sowing, so plant some seeds every couple of weeks from mid-April to the end of June.

In late May, choose a sunny site with well draining soil and sow seed about 6-12mm (1/4-1/2") deep and 7.5-10cm (3-4") apart. Thin or transplant seedlings to 30-45cm (12-18") apart. Seed can be started 2-3 weeks early indoors using plantable peat pots or Jiffy 7’s at 21C (70F). Harden off seedlings then transplant to the garden or a container in fully sunny site. Keep plants evenly watered and fertilize twice during the season with a granular 15-5-15 or water soluble equivalent.

Water regularly but do not over fertilize. Cut flowers last 10-14 days. Drying sunflower heads: If drying outside they should be protected with plastic mesh or brown paper bags. Just cover the heads to keep the birds away.

To harvest, cut the seed heads leaving 12” of stem attached. Hang in an airy place safe from birds and rodents. Heads should be dry in 2-3 weeks. Remove seeds by rubbing two heads together. You may store the seeds on the heads until you need them.

Seed Saving:
Hybrid variety. Seeds will not breed true.

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