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Tomato 'Yellow Pear'    

This was planted around 3pm today. We are in our seasonal heat wave in Southern CA, and even though I am on the beach, it has reached in the 80’s this week and is still going strong through the weekend and into next week. I wet the soil really well, then covered with fresh soil and sprayed with a water bottle. I used Kellog’s Organic Indoor/Outdoor Potting Soil and set them in the sun. I will leave this out in the full sun all day for now on and spray with a water bottle several times as needed.

Note: When time to transplant, bury so the soil level is just below the lowest leaves. The buried stem will grow new roots that will make the plant stronger and healthier.

Note: Consistently prune tomatoes when suckers are 2" to 4" long and only keep one or two vigorous stems.

Note: Health of the plant depends on good staking or caging. Do not plant in same soil after potatoes, tomatoes, peppers or eggplant for at least two years. However I only grow in containers and replace the soil at each planting season anyway.

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