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Ordinary Onions

I intend to know my onions.

Time to start the experimental nosh pit garden.

The main question being, is it possible to produce anything useful from a patch 3feet by 9 inches that is right next to a wall.

I sowed 4 little rows of these right next to the White Radish rows and at the right most end of the bed.

There was a frost last night, but it did not get to ground level in my garden. It is March, and time to get seeds in to the ground.

I still have some seeds left in the packet.

This planting is in the Nosh Pit garden .

Sown from my Ordinary Onions Seeds.

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Plant Onion Allium cepa var. cepa 4908


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  • 04 Mar 2009

    Sown day 0


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