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Lettuce, Butterhead 'Grandpa Admire's' (OP) (H)   

This heat-tolerant butterhead type has been lovingly preserved by descendants of Civil War veteran Grandpa George Admire, born in 1822. Forms large plants with large, loose heads; deeply crinkled leaves are gracefully splashed with bronze and are of very fine flavor!

60 days.

Direct seed in early spring, as seed will germinate between 4-25° (40-80°F). Sowing thinly ¼" and 1" apart.

Leaf types – 6" apart with 12" rows; Iceberg – 12" apart with 18" row spacing; Romaine – 8-10" apart with 12-16" rows Butterhead/Batavia – 10-12" apart with 12" row spacing. Start transplants indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost date for transplants. Make succession plantings every 1-2 weeks to ensure a constant harvest.

Choose an area with full sun to partial shade and a soil pH of 6.2-6.8. Lettuce is a heavy feeder and prefers a rich, well cultivated soil with good drainage. Some success can be expected even in poor soils using the loose-leaf types. Add plenty of compost or well rotted manure prior to planting. Benefits from regular feedings with a nitrogen rich fertilizer. Mulching is useful to keep soil cool and reduce weeds.

Harvest lettuce early in the morning. Looseleaf types can be picked as soon as leaves are large enough to eat. Harvest head types when they are firm and well wrapped. If your lettuce becomes bitter during warm weather, wash and place in the fridge for a couple of days before eating.

Seed Saving:
Inbreeding, but can cross with nearby lettuce. Isolation distance of 20 feet. Save seed from at least 10-20 plants. Allow plants to bolt and form seed stalks. Seed heads may need to be protected from bird damage and rain when drying. Seeds are produced over a 2-3 week period and will require repeated harvesting.

Pests & Diseases:
Distract insects by using row covers and companion planting. Rotenone and Trounce (pyrethrum) will control aphids, plant bugs and leaf hoppers. Slugs cherish lettuce; use slug bait to control slugs.

Most vegetables, carrot, garlic, onion and radish make the best companions.

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