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I planted red okra from Japan and US. During short day months,Okra displayed stunted growth and early flowering.Japanese okra is smooth red while American red burgundy has pods with five sides.I planted several plants two months ago and now have flowers and developing red pods.seeds were shared to some gardeners so that it may become widely cultivated in uplands of Rizal province.This month of March, my red okras are flowering and producing red and green pods.i planted more than 100, more than 35 are bearing red and green pods. I successfully produced pink type that are sturdier,heat resistant and high yielder compared to Red and Green types from Japan.This okra has less glue like sap and can be eaten raw.This month of May ,dried pods were harvested for next planting season.

This planting is in the libisika garden .

Gift from from other gardener.

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Plant Okra Abelmoschus esculentus 1201


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More than 35 plants have red and green pods.A PINK type of Okra is now bearing longer pods and has broader uniform green red leaves and display heat resistant characteristic.Japanese okra are excellent!Red burgundy is also high yielder.

Posted on 01 Apr 15 (about 4 years ago)

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