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Borage (OP) (H)    

Pretty blue flowers help to attract beneficial bees to your garden. Grows to 20" tall. Makes an outstanding ornamental plant. Flowers used as a garnish, for salads or are candied. Leaves used to flavour claret punch. May establish in the garden by self-sowing or animals may distribute seeds. Adventive, not invasive.

80 days.

Sow the seeds in the spring 1/8" deep and 12 inches apart. Prefers fine, well-worked moist soil and partial sun.

Borage will bloom nearly all season and will self-seed from year to year. The shallow-rooted prolific plants are easy to thin when overgrown. Planting in thick clumps provides support to top-heavy plants; extra support is beneficial. Pick the leaves in spring and summer when flowering begins.

Seed Saving:
When the blooms begin to fade and turn brown, pick the seeds. Borage is very good at seeding itself for the next season, even without your help.

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Plant Borage Borago officinalis 945
Variety Blue 153


Care Instructions

If you would like to sow this plant directly, try 0.5 inches (1.27 cm) deep with a guideline distance of 11.7 inches (30.0 cm).

Borage 'Blue' can grow to a height of approximately 2.96 feet (that's 91.0 cm in metric) so ensure you have enough space in your garden for this plant.

Your garden has full sun light, which is a great match for Borage 'Blue'.

Remember to water moderately.

More information about Borage (OP) (H) is available in the Folia gardener's wiki. All Borage (OP) (H) Care Instructions have been kindly provided by our members.

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