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Well, I have no idea how to germinate these seeds. My instinct is they should be fresh seeds, but sadly they are not. So I’ve not got a lot of hope for them. :(( Plan B is some cuttings from I tree I have my eye on in the summer!
01.02.14 I don’t know if these need a period in the cold to germinate, but they are going to get one
23.03.14 OO OO OO It’s germinated, can’t believe this, the seeds looked really dead and I thought it was the kind of seed that needed to be planted fresh. But no doubt about it, one at least has grown!
06.04.14 Three baby Swampies!
14.07.14 Put them out in in Gloomy Corner
22.06.15 They have overwintered really well, have grown and sprouted new leaves
13.03.17 Liberated

This planting is in the Growing a Forest garden .

Sown from my Swamp Cypress Seeds.

Latest Milestone Showing True Leaves

Quantity: 1

Plant Bald Cypress Taxodium distichum 7


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