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Plum-Green Gage

Right now in a pot.

This planting is in the Orchard garden .

Purchased from H & E Nursery

Latest Milestone Budding

Quantity: 1

Plant Plum Prunus domestica 278
Variety green gage 13


Care Instructions

Plum 'green gage' can grow to a height of approximately 9.75 feet (that's 3.00 metres in metric) so ensure you have enough space in your garden for this plant.

Your garden has full sun light which is ideal for Plum 'green gage'.

Remember to water moderately.

Your garden's USDA Hardiness Zone (9) is not within the ideal known range for Plum 'green gage'. The recommended range is between Zone 5 and 7. You may have to reassess this planting for suitability in your garden.

More information about Plum-Green Gage is available in the Folia gardener's wiki. All Plum-Green Gage Care Instructions have been kindly provided by our members.

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  • 14 Mar 2019

    Budding day 1966

  • 20 Feb 2019

    Dormant day 1944

    reduction pruning on 3 big laterals, surprised at how big they had gotten

    pruned trees in orchard
  • 21 Apr 2018

    Flowering day 1639

    I think the first time I’ve seen it flower. Tiny little white things. 5 petals.

  • 08 Mar 2018

    Budding day 1595

  • 14 Dec 2017

    Dormant day 1511

    still losing leaves

  • 08 Nov 2016

    Growing day 1110

    No fruit this year. Used spreaders this year, finally some longer branches. Very slow growing so should stay small easily.

  • 20 Feb 2015

    Pruning day 483

    taking off only lowest limbs. still young

  • 01 Feb 2015

    Transplanted day 464

    into ground- chicken wire gopher basket.

  • 20 Dec 2014

    Dormant day 421

  • 07 Apr 2014

    Growing day 164

  • 18 Feb 2014

    Breaking Dormancy day 116

  • 06 Jan 2014

    Dormant day 73

    still in pot

  • 28 Oct 2013

    Potting Up day 3

    Should be good for 1 year.

  • 25 Oct 2013

    Purchased day 0


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