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Strawberry Tubs

These babies have stuck with me for the last 3 1/2 years. My son, then in 3rd grade, bought me a strawberry seed and little clay pot as a gift from the school Book Fair.

We planted it together, placed it hopefully in the kitchen window, and watched it sprout. We replanted it several times, and eventually she end up in her final home; a 5-gallon planter bucket with a wide diameter for maximum space. She has mothered several plants since then, and is still the prize of the garden year after year. She has vibrant green leaves, sends out mercilessly searching runners to find the ideal place to setup daughter plants, and produces juicy, sweet strawberries nearly year-round.

This planting is in the Organic Patio Container garden .


Latest Milestone Established

Quantity: 3

Plant Strawberry Fragaria x ananassa 2824


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