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Willow, Golden weeping   

Deciduous tree that is very fast growing and requires ample water to grow properly. This is a weeping form and called “Tristus” Golden weeping willow. Zones A2,A3, 1-11, 14-24. Grows up to 50-70 ft. tall and can be as wide if not wider! Said to be difficult to garden under since it has shallow and invasive root structure. I happen to think it is a great tree for clay soil and heavy rain, so creatively I think you can make it work with raised garden beds under? Just a thought.

Subject to pests, and twig blight is another common. Treat with fungicide. Species hybridize readily, causing confusion in names.

Willows have a native foot everywhere it seems. I encourage you to find what is native in your area. But this was a great find so I had to have it…ahem.

This planting is in the Willow marsh garden .

Purchased from Bi-Mart

Quantity: 2

Plant Weeping Willow Salix sepulcralis 18


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