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Philodendron scandens - Heart-leaf Philodendron   

I almost forgot to add this plant to my In the House Garden. It really has been kind of a neglected orphan. It was a gift to Paul when he opened the Scuba shop – one of those tall florist plants stapled to a slice of wooded bark in a pot. It was very bushy and full for a very long time. After we closed the store in 2000, it came home with us. The cat chewed on it, the dogs knocked it over, and it just generally grew a bit wild. I watered it regularly and pruned it every now and then. Then I think it just got too big or too neglected or something, and the next thing I knew it had died back to just a small shadow of its former glory. I shamefully admit that I have still continued to neglect it. Its pot sits on the floor in my workroom. It does get watered, and it definitely is still alive. It has a few leaves growing in among the tangle of dead stems. It certainly needs some attention – to be repotted and pruned. Now that I have remembered it is there and posted it here, I’ll have to take care of it. After the holiday this week, I’ll look around for a nice pot and get it all fixed up. I promise!

Heart Ivy, Heart-leaf Philodendron
Philodendron scandens
Dark green, heart-shaped leaves on a slender vine; leaves are 2-3 inches long; plant rarely flowers.
Plant Form or Habit: cascading
Plant Use: pot plant hanging basket
Exposure: low
Flower Color: rarely flowers in the home
Blooming Period:
Height: vines
Width: less than 1 foot
Foliage Texture: medium
Heat Tolerance: medium
Water Requirements:
Additional Comments: Allow plant to dry between waterings; train on a totem pole, hang in a basket or use as a table planting.

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I have one of these on a high windowsill ,it trails down the wall and when it gets to the floor I cut off the bottom bit .Neglect doesn’t seem to bother it,but it needs repotting,thanks for reminding me!

Posted on 21 Dec 08 (over 10 years ago)

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