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Cherry tomato seeds sown in rooting cubes. Newly-emerged seedlings were watered with half-strength nutrient. Seedlings were then transplanted into a hydroton-filled plastic kitchen strainer, which was fitted over a plastic bucket filled with 9 litres of hydroponic nutrient (CF32), submerging the tomato roots.

The plan is to maintain the nutrient solution at this level, refilling every two days with CF20 solution until I go away on holiday, after which the nutrient will be maintained at the level it has dropped down to when I come back. By this time, more of the tomato roots will be exposed to air, with just the tips submerged in nutrient. Keeping the nutrient at the lowered level and refilling no more than every two days will ensure that the previously-submerged roots which have since converted into oxygen roots will not suffocate.

This is an experimental hydroponic system that is based on the principles of Kratky’s suspended pot non-circulating hydroponic method. My system utilises a kitchen strainer that fits perfectly over a bucket, which saved me some time and effort customising things to fit, but alternatively you could also cut a hole in a bucket lid and place a net pot into it.

This planting is in the 42nd Floor garden .

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