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Hemerocallis - Daylily - 'Bela Lugosi'     

I bought these Bela Lugosi at the nursery on Stevens Road which is now out of business in July 2003. I planted them right away and they were already in bloom at the time. They are at the far right near the gate, and have done extremely well there. When I first purchased it in 2003, the flower was a deep purple and the inside throat was a flourescent lime green. The second year it bloomed with a more maroon-colored flower and a bright yellow inside. It has never repeated the vivid original colors. It started as two stalks, but has grown prolifically; in 2006 I counted over 35 flowers on about 12 stalks. The flowers are very large, about 6 inches, and the stalks grow to three feet or more. It has a wonderful fragrance. It may be time to divide it in 2008 before it gets too large and unhappy.

This planting is in the Welcome garden .


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Plant Daylily Hemerocallis 2174
Variety Bela Lugosi 12


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Folia Helper

United States6a

Very pretty, Sue. I’m horrible about uploading my pics….I usually save that for a winter project to upload all the photos of the previous season (kind of like re-living the experience! ha ha ha). Once I get my new Bela photos from 2008 uploaded I’ll let you know so we can compare. I think mine looks more purple in the shad and more maroon in full sun. Mine are planted near a flowering crabapple and so get shade in the late afternoon.

Posted on 22 Nov 08 (over 10 years ago)

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