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I have found a tree where I can help myself to seeds, but after three years of trying to germinate them, I’m wondering if they are either infertile or by the time I find them on the ground, they are too old, as nothing has sprouted. I don’t think they are that tricky as long as the seed is fresh.
07.10.2012 At last I really think I have found some good seed. There were some that an animal had nibbled the inside, and then I spotted some that were still whole. Fatter and more solid than the ones that I cad collected in previous years.
Stashed six and put them to soak overnight. Two have sunk to the bottom of the mug allready. This is a good sign of a healthy seed!
08.10.12 Planted today, I’m sure they will germinate this time! (may be!)
02.05.13 Ha ha! and woops all at the same time! I was having a clear out and launching the nonproductive seed pots onto the Smallholding. I had emptied this onto the ground and then saw it has ROOTS
05.06.13 Looking good
07.10.13 Planted out the two largest, that had started to grow side shoots and protected them from the coming winter with a plastic bottle. Surrounded the whole contraption with chicken wire to keep out the rabbits. I’ve just noticed they are a year old tomorrow! I’m leaving the smallest seedling inside this winter and the last seedling has not re emerged so it may have died
14.02.17 Two have survived. One is in the garden, just Over The Fence and the other is still in a plant pot in Gloomy corner. Both looking good

This planting is in the Growing a Forest garden .

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Plant Monkey puzzle Araucaria araucana 16


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